Pre Construction
• Estimating (Primarily use software based estimating system)
• Validating key data with material suppliers and subcontractor partners
• Understanding expectations and balancing priorities for budget, schedule and necessary resources to achieve desired project result and quality
• Permitting
• Utilizing experience and understanding of regulatory requirements of town boards such as; Building, Health, Conservation, and Historic
• Recognize that expectations vary by town
• Develop Contractor, Client, Design Team Relationship
• Utilize the preconstruction period to develop a team approach to setting goals and expectations for the project
• Understand our role of taking the concepts and visions of the client and the design team and make it a reality
• Mindful of the Clients needs whether it is; Budget, Schedule, or Quality
Construction Process
• Project Schedule
• Setting and meeting realistic project timelines
• Manage work flow based on information from the design team, suppliers and subcontractors
• Project Management
• Staffing will depend upon scale of project
• Larger projects will have dedicated site supervisor, smaller projects receive daily visits
• Weekly conferences with client and design team
• Quality • Meet the design team’s objectives
• High value and use of trusted subcontractor and material supplier partners
• Experience with materials selections for use in our unique climate
• Knowledge of envelope and insulation building science information
• Encourage trade partners and staff to become educated in new practices, products and processes
• Developing a quality checklist
• Budgeting and Billing (Budget based upon initial estimate and revisions)
• Input from the design team to set budget
• Understand and manage the owners budget requirements
• Progress billing based on budget and schedule